Welcome to The Smokedaddies


Congratulations!  You have found the online home of the Smokedaddies, the hippest, coolest, and most fun  funk / blues / rock / rhythm  band around

We play LIVE at Tupelo in San Francisco the first Wednesday of every month. Come see us!

We hope you find what you are looking for here.  You will find pictures, news, music, and ways to purchase CDs and merchandise through this site.


The Smokedaddies play it so many ways: Funk, R&B, Rhythmn, Rock, Blues.  It's hard to put a single label on the fresh funkadelic experience you will get at EVERY show.  Bring your own label!


Bringing Music to the Masses


The Smokedaddies will tickle your musical funnybone and scratch your musical itch.  We are like the ants on your musical candy, or the musical white on your rice.  Or the musical dots on your dice. We give it up EVERY time we play.  Come by and see us play!


"Those guys really, really ROCK"

--Fans all over the world